MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)– After Damar Hamlin went down in Monday night’s NFL game, it concerned many about the possible risk of cardiac arrest in athletes.

Nauman Khalid, a board-certified interventional cardiologist with St. Francis Medical Group, told us more. “Commotio cordis is very rare.” “It’s certain arrhythmia that’s caused by hitting or impacting the law or middle part of the chest during the game, and it’s more common in games that have projectiles, such as hockey, lacrosse, or even football.”

Khalid also explains how physicals and EKGs don’t help much in this situation. “Sudden death can occur because of other conditions too.” And, like the most common one, this is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. For that, as most of you know, professional athletes undergo screening ECGs, or electrocardiograms, and echocardiograms. Those will be easily recognizable. When talking about “commotio cordis,” “there is nothing wrong with the heart.”

Lee Doty, Head Football Coach for Sterlington High School, told us what he and his team of coaches have done to prepare for an incident like the one in Monday’s game. “I think having a plan of action to do what we need to do if something like that happens is important for us here, from being aed certified to having all of our coaches be cpr certified to having a great trainer on our staff.”