VICKSBURG, Ms. (KTVE/KARD) — The Mississippi River continues to drop with some areas approaching the lowest levels since 2012. According to The Warren County Emergency Management Agency said the Mississippi River was at 2.43 feet Monday in Vicksburg. A week ago, the river was at 4.25 feet in Vicksburg.

What we have now is the lowest level of water in the Mississippi River and it’s affected our commercial use of the river and our tourism as it relates to our tourism boats in the city.

George Flaggs Jr.- Vicksburg Mayor

Traffic jams and stuck barges are clogging up a key piece of the United States economy especially now that barge traffic has to move in a single-file line up and down the river.

It’s severely affecting agriculture community because there’s no place for farmers to get the grain because everything is full. I talked to a farmer this morning that’s very concerned about getting fertilizer in for spring. Any kind of mobile product or agricultural product is currently very difficult to transport and can impact the entire united states.

Terry Murphy, Executive Director, Madison Parish Port.

The prolonged drought has brought the Mississippi River to a near-record low. The Army Corps of Engineers has been dredging the river in several spots to try and keep up with the river traffic.