MONROE,La-(KTVE/KARD)-School isn’t in session, but thanks to the” Frep” program students at Louisiana Tech are working hard and learning even during the summer.

 Louisiana Tech’s freshman enrichment program has existed for 15 years. The program gives incoming freshman an opportunity to form friends and learn more in their field of study. Louisiana Tech sophomore Braden Roger says joining “Frep” was one of the greatest decisions he’s ever made.

Braden Roger Louisiana Tech sophomore “It has probably been the biggest decision of my life when I came in freshman year for college. My parents actually pushed me into it, and I never thought that it would be as beneficial as it was “

Braden says he’s confident the program is leaving a mark on students

Braden Roger Louisiana Tech sophomore “It gets you accustomed to campus you learn the professors, you get to be intertwined with the college and the administration, It’s the best thing that can happen to you.”

Frep was created to help science and engineering students the moment they are accepted by Louisiana Tech. Louisiana Tech Assistant Dean Heath Tims says the program is extremely beneficial to students.

Heath Tims Associate Dean of Engineering and Science “We see a lot of success that comes from this program when it comes to our students. Giving them an opportunity to come in a prepare academically, but also to be able to connect with their peers is a huge element to their success. We see them being retained within the college of engineering and science more, but we also see them being retained at the university at a higher level as well”

Classes are set to start after Labor Day on September 9th for students at Louisiana Tech.