RUSTON, La (KTVE/KARD)– Louisiana Tech University was made aware of allegations concerning the vice president of the Student Government Association making racist and insensitive comments. The university is currently investigating the situation.

Dr. Dickie Crawford, vice president for Student Advancement, explained the investigation. “Late Sunday night, we were made aware of an allegation about a student who posted something inappropriate on a social media platform. And what was allegedly posted would not be something that would be condoned or tolerated by Louisiana Tech University. It would be a violation of our code of student conduct, and therefore, he is being investigated by our director of student conduct, but the alleged student would be given due process rights.”

Gabriel Freeman is the vice president of SGA. Crawford explained that SGA is also conducting its own investigation. “As a student organization, they are also doing their own process of evaluating this alleged behavior and making a decision on his role with SGA.”

Alex Thompson, a student at Louisiana Tech, explained his feelings towards the situation. “I’m appalled with the situation, and I think that it’s a disgusting one that shouldn’t happen on campus, especially with someone associated with as many organizations as he is. The appropriate action would be, at the very least, to remove him from all on-campus organizations where he’s seen as a public figurehead, and at most, maybe even have him expelled.”

Haley Roebuck, a student at Louisiana Tech, also expressed how she felt. “I think he should not be in this position if he’s going to make those slurs. Everyone is welcome on this campus, and I do believe that, and nobody should be called the names that he is calling people.”

Freeman was asked to step down from his position as Vice President until the investigation is complete