Louisiana Tech houses students from Nicholls University as they evacuate hurricane Ida

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MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) — Hurricane Ida is continuing to affect the lives of those who had to evacuate their homes students from Nicholls University are still seeking shelter at Louisiana Tech University.

Due to hurricane Ida Louisiana Tech is housing students from Nicholls university in their Lambright sports and Wellness Center. Students from Nicholls made their way to Louisiana tech hours before hurricane Ida made landfall.  Louisiana Tech’s vice president of student advancement Dr. Dickie Crawford says he’s thankful that he and Louisiana Tech can help other students.

Dr. Dickie Crawford Vice President student advancement, “Here they have a bed, they have showers and bathrooms, and they have activities that they can participate in plus we bring food to them as well, so they’re being treated very nicely, but we know that this is not ideal, but we’re glad we’re able to help them during this time of need.”

Students from Nicholls University say that they are grateful to have shelter

Simona Makisimoovic Nicholls university student, “We were stuck in Nicholls and if Louisiana Tech didn’t step up , where would we go? we are very grateful because Louisiana tech helped Nicholls people here, because we wouldn’t know where else to go”

Although they are grateful these students say there’s no place like home.

Marcos Devoto Nicholls University student, “We wish we were home, you know we (want to get home ) as soon as possible of course , but given the conditions , given the situation it’s better than what we thought it was going to be.”

Omar Morsy Nicholls University student, “I miss the campus , I wish everything will be as it is, and I wish everyone will be safe there.”

There isn’t a set date for these students to return to their campus, but we will continue to keep you updated with this story.

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