RUSTON, La. (KTVE/KARD) — With football season coming up soon, preparation is in full swing. Football teams are not the only ones who have to be on their A-game. Louisiana Tech cheer has been preparing all summer for the upcoming season.

Savannah Hudson, Louisiana Tech cheer captain, said, “Preparation for football begins as soon as tryouts end. We start work weeks with the new team at the beginning of summer just preparing and getting the team ready for football.”

The cheer team has a lot more to get ready for than just football. Their summer practices prepares them for the whole year.

Ashlyn O’Glee, Louisiana Tech head cheer coach, said, “While this season we have events, football games, nationals, basketball games, and so many different things we will attend this season, and with that comes preparing them with Louisiana Tech traditions of what we do at football games. For cheer skill wise, it’s building on our partner stunting skills, our basket skills, and our pyramid skills and teaching how to lead a crowd and lead a sideline. “

Cheer is all year long and doesn’t have a season. O’Glee said, “Our season never really ends or stops as cheerleaders. We go straight from our summer of preparing for the camp that we attend, and then attending football games, and then attending basketball, and basketball is right in the middle of when we prepare for nationals.”

If you see the Louisiana Tech cheerleaders, make sure to say hello. Hudson said, “So if you ever see us, come and say hey to us. We love our fans. We go to everything and we love greeting and meeting new people.”