MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Senator Bill Cassidy recently made a trip to visit Monroe. Senator Cassidy says the purpose of his visit is to discuss his legislative priorities. 
Bill Cassidy, “I just try and work the state, because I have the privilege to represent this state and there’s nothing like going to place to find out the issues that address them.” 

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, Senator Cassidy joined city leaders and the Monroe Chamber of Commerce for a luncheon. Senator Cassidy highlighted the infrastructure investment and states that an economic boom will arrive shortly in Northeast Louisiana. 
Bill Cassidy, “We need economic development in northeast Louisiana, the bipartisan infrastructure bill which I also helped lead has a lot in it. to help economic development in this section of our state. There are dollars for economic development and infrastructure that are coming to this area of our state, and I want those dollars to be fully used.” 

Cassidy also voiced his stance on Roe versus Wade, stating that he is pro-life and that the abortion decision should remain with the states.
Bill Cassidy, “I’m pro-life I like that decision, I think that decision should be with the states, and I think the bill that was written by Democratic State Senator Katrina Jackson and signed into law by our democratic governor shows that our state on a bipartisan basses their support for the child. ” 

Senator Cassidy was also set to tour West Monroe during his visit.