Local veteran speaks on his time in Afghanistan and the withdrawal of American Troops

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MONROE, La –(KTVE/KARD) Recently president Joe Biden has decided to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, thus causing mayhem in the country. One local veteran who served in Afghanistan says it’s difficult to watch Americans suffer in a foreign land.

Charlie Presley veteran “Whenever I found out that Afghanistan was falling the way it was falling, I was literally brought to tears.”

Veteran Charlie Presley served in Afghanistan during 2007 and 2008.Mr. Presley says he isn’t happy with the way things are going in Afghanistan

Charlie Presley veteran “I don’t like what’s happening right now because I feel like we’re throwing away all that we did all the sacrifices I lost brothers there I lost blood their myself.”

Shortly after American troops were withdrawn Taliban claimed the Afghan Palace causing chaos in the country. Mr. Presley says he believes the troops should’ve been withdrawn in a timelier manner.

Charlie Presley veteran “For us to have an effective withdrawal we would have to plan it out and move in successive steps. I’m talking about a troop withdrawal a thousand here a thousand there not trying to take everybody at once because when you do that chaos is going to ensue”

President Joe Biden is standing by his decision.

Joe Biden “Our mission in Afghanistan was never supposed to be nation building, it was never supposed to be creating a democracy our only vital action in Afghanistan, preventing a terrorist attack on American homeland.”

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