STERLINGTON, La. (KTVE/KARD)– Most of everything a farmer does on the farm requires some type of vehicle.

Tractors and combines are used for planting and harvesting while trucks are used to transport and maintain much of the daily operations.

With that in mind, imagine the amount of diesel it takes to fill up one of the many tractors that a farmer owns.

Owner of Mathes Farms, Gary Mathes said, “Tractors use ten to twelve gallons an hour for every hour they run. You are buying stuff that’s went up five times, and you’re not getting ahead.”

Rising fuel prices are taking a toll on farmer’s daily task. Diesel prices increased almost five times the price they were a few years ago.

Not only is fuel cost affecting farmers, essential farm supplies have been hard to keep in stock.

“A lot of the chemicals, we can’t even get, it’s in short supply. It’s not just diesel, all the chemicals we are putting out. Roundup, we were buying round up in totes that cost two-hundred and sixty gallons at fifteen to seventeen dollars a gallon. It’s sixty dollars a gallon now,” explained Mathes.