WEST MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) –Two local businesses Origin bank and Coney Island Connection have taken it upon themselves to help out our neighbors to the West. Since Jackson, Mississippi, is still in need of water, these two businesses are asking for bottled water donations to send to Jackson.

Ryan Kilpatrick of Origin Banks said, “We know there is a need, so Origin wants to create an opportunity and a platform for people all over North Louisiana to donate cases of water, which we can transport to Jackson, so that they can get out to those people in their communities who are in desperate need right now.” 

Coney Island Connection owner Chris Lewis is grateful he can use his business as a platform to help others. “Jackson, Mississippi—those are neighbors. So if we were in that situation here in West Monroe, I would want others in states and cities to reach out to help us as well. “I’m just going to take what God blessed me with, which is my restaurant, to bless others.”

One can donate money or cases of water to any Origin Bank location in northwest Louisiana during business hours, and Coney Island Connection is also accepting monetary donations and cases of water for their first trip up until Saturday at noon.