BAWCOMVILLE, La (KTVE/KARD)–Bawcomville hosted their redneck Christmas parade complete with candy, beads, and even toilet paper. One boy was able to experience this as his first ever Christmas parade.

Harrison Allen, an eight-year-old who went to his first Christmas parade, told us how he was feeling about this being his first Christmas parade. “I’m really excited because of the candy, and I have never been here before. I’m just hoping to have a great time and spend time with family.”

Allen also told us what he was most excited to see in the parade. “I’m excited to see the floaties, the four-wheelers, all the other people, and the cool golf carts that they have.”

After the parade was over, we caught back up with Allen to see how he felt about the parade and if he was ready to go to more parades. “I feel great, and I am really ready for my next Christmas parade.”

Allen loved the parade so much that this is what he said. “This is like the best parade I’ve ever been to.”