MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) — Sergeant Robert “Dawayne” Crowder with Monroe Police suffered a heart attack while on the job. He is scheduled to have heart surgery on Friday, but it could be postponed due to a low blood supply. LifeShare in Monroe is holding a blood drive for Sergeant Crowder. Nationally, there is a blood supply shortage, and any donation is helpful.

Vic Zordan, Chief of Monroe Police, explained the meaning of blood drive. “One of my officers, Sergeant Dawayne Crowder, while working, had a heart attack, and he’s currently in the hospital at a local facility. He needs blood; we don’t want to have his surgery pushed down the line if a traumatic event comes into the hospital. So, we’re here to urge people to come out and give blood. He’s been working for the Monroe police department for 23 years; he’s got three kids, and he was in the line of duty when he had his heart attack.”

Michael Stogsdill-Bricker, regional director for LifeShare Blood, explained the need for blood donors in the area. “The national blood centers of America released in September that we were in a national blood shortage. We’ve been feeling it here in the Monroe area; all of our hospitals desperately need blood. Same for Sergeant Crowder, who was scheduled for open heart surgery on Friday. It might be pushed back because they don’t have enough blood for him and that surgery. Trauma patients come first whenever you’re talking about blood distribution; it is extremely essential that we get as many donors in as possible now and sustainably moving forward so we don’t go back into this issue.”

Jimmy Poisso, a blood donor, already had an appointment to donate, and when he found out about the drive, he encouraged others to donate. “When I got here, I posted something on Facebook saying, Hey, there’s a drive going on. Come on, there’s no time like the present, so come on down.”

The blood drive is going on until Friday at 3 p.m.; you can donate at the LifeShare Blood Center in Monroe at 2909 Kilpatrick Blvd.