MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Louisiana legislation is looking to charge drivers who own hybrids and electric vehicles. Tesla owner Andy Chason says the possible fee should not keep drivers from enjoying the vehicles that they love. 

Andy Chason, “I am a car guy. I have had forty to fifty cars, anything from air cold Volkswagens like bugs and buses to a BMW M3 that was fully built for racing and so I love cars.” 

Andy Chason owns multiple Tesla cars. A proposed law would require hybrid car owners to pay 60 dollars a year per vehicle and electric car owners to pay 110 dollars a year per vehicle. Chason says the fee would defeat the purpose of purchasing a car that requires less fuel. 
Andy Chason,” Before we were being given an incentive for purchasing these vehicles, because of the added value that they provide and now it’s kind of more of a penalty again what you would get with a normal vehicle, with the con being you’re charged at the end of the year lump sums rather than every time you go to the pump.” 
Seventy percent of the proceeds from the annual road usage fee will be used by the Department of Transportation and Development. Chason says he believes the charge will prevent drivers from purchasing hybrids and electric vehicles in the future. 
Andy Chason,” Ultimately I am not against it in the long run I just think it is too early because there is still such a hesitancy to be adopted by the masses, that I think that charging this fee will de-incentivize the general public.” 
The fee has yet to go into effect.