WEST MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)– West Monroe’s Kiroli Dog Park entered the Bark for Your Park contest a few months ago to hopefully win a grant for park updates. The contest ended on August 31, and Kiroli Dog Park was announced as one of the recipients of a 5,000 dollar grant.

Dog owners who frequent the park are thrilled to see what is coming. Josh Polk said, “I’m excited that they got it; personally, I voted everyday for it. “I’m excited to see how the park expands, any new features they add, and any amenities that they get for the dogs.”

Polk also gave some input on what he hopes to see added with the grant money. “I would like to see an extra area for water, possibly towards the back end of the park. “I know a lot of people use that back end, but they don’t have quite the water supply that they have up at the front entrance, and maybe expand on the little pavilion that they have for owners to sit around because it can get crowded with all the owners and their dogs.”