EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)– The story of El Dorado Jane Doe has been actively investigated since 1991 when an unidentified woman was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend on July 10. For three decades, many have wondered who was murdered at the Whitehall Motel that year.

Nearly thirty-one years later, numerous law enforcement investigators and genealogy experts have discovered El Dorado Jane Doe’s true identity. Investigators identified the women as Kelly, whose last name is being withheld to keep privacy for her family.

The discovery of Kelly’s identity was made possible after genealogy experts, Yolanda McClary, Jean Grier and Michael Leclerc worked closely with Captain Cathy Phillips to pull together and test pieces of DNA.

Numerous law enforcement who worked this case discovered she was not the same person as who her identification card described her as. The victim used multiple aliases such as; Cheryl Wick, Mercedes, Kelly Carr, Sharon Wiley and several other as she moved state to state.

In 2004, Cathy Phillips a detective with The El Dorado Police Department at that time, began researching the case. New web sites and facilities became available around this time, such as Namus and the Doe Network.

Discussions Phillips had with Kermit Channell from Arkansas State Crime Lab and Prosecutor, Jeff Rogers, left them feeling like all avenues had been exhausted.

The only evidence investigators had at that time were fingerprints and photographs, as time progressed they were able to get help and look into DNA.

In 2018, a Crime Scene Investigator and Genealogy Researcher named Yolanda McClary along with her team of Genealogist, Jean Grier and Michael Leclerc, approached local law enforcement to help identify Jane Doe. After numerous search efforts and DNA profile work, Yolanda and her team were the driving force that gave El Dorado Jane Doe her identity.