MONROE,LA(KTVE/KARD)–Gas prices are continuing to skyrocket nationwide owner of 76 gas station Vijay Singh says the prices a the pump are making it more expensive for his customers to drive.  
Vijay Singh,” Gas prices are going up every day, they are going up I will check every day and I don’t like it. It is going up and it is hard for people and hard for us too.” 
According to triple-A gas prices, the average price of gas in Louisiana is four dollars and forty-five cents. Mr. Singh says the increase at the pump is taking a toll on customers and his business. 
Vijay Singh, “People used to have 20 dollars and could buy ten-dollar gas and buy ten-dollar food, and spend five on something else, but now they have to spend all their money on gas.” 
Local organizations are also being affected by the price at the pump Council on Aging executive director Loretta Hudson says their food delivery program is spending more to help those in need. 
Loretta Hudson, “With the meals on wheels program we have doubled in price. I looked at our last invoice and everything has doubled from last year compared to this year.” 

Ms. Hudson says the organization is still able to make deliveries, but she advises drives to be frugal with their fuel. 
Loretta Hudson, “If you can use a carpool service, if you’re driving to work instead of driving yourself everyday find out if you can carpool with someone.” 
Gas prices are expected to continue to rise throughout the Summer.