WEST MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) –Impaired and distracted driving are still big issues on the roadways.

Captain CJ beck with the West Monroe police spoke on this. “What is a problem for us is impaired and distracted driving. Impaired driving includes a prescription medication over-the-counter medication and alcohol related crashes in fatalities and it also is illicit drugs.  “The distracted driving problem is with cell phones, eating while driving, putting makeup on while driving, just not paying attention to the roadway.”

West Monroe Police are working on this issue Beck said. “One of the things that we’re doing first while we have a grant from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, and we get a grant every year, and it’s about to start again On October 1, our last grant ends on September 30, so we’re going to roll it into the next grant year. “I think it was around $140,000 for overtime funding to increase our controls so off-duty officers can come out and work during that time.” “What that does is allow patrol officers to continue focusing on their job duties while they have time to enforce traffic, but they have dedicated units out there enforcing impaired driving and distracted driving.”

West Monroe Police are doing what they can to keep you safe.