RUSTON, La (KTVE/KARD)- Temperatures in the Arklamiss are expected to be below average for this time of year. It’s important that homeowners prepare properly to avoid costly damages caused by frozen pipes. 

Clint Farrar, manager of Meaux’s plumbing, tells us what can happen if you don’t prepare accordingly. “Winter weather can cause ruptures in the pipe in your slab.” When the pipe is frozen, the water can’t go anywhere; once it thaws, you’ll have a rupture, and that’s when you get all the flooding and damage at home. 

Farrar tells us what to do on the inside of your home to avoid busted pipes. “Prevention is to leave a small steady stream of water running on each end of the house. Open up the cabinet door so the air from the home can go in there and keep the pipe warm, and that should keep her from freezing.”

Finally, Farrar goes over the steps to prepare exterior water faucets for frigid temperatures. “On the exterior of the home, don’t leave the water hose connected. Put some type of insulation over it; it’s as simple as wrapping a towel around it, or you can get some insulation at Lowe’s; the Styrofoam covers work good. Just anything to keep the wind off.”