MONROE, LA. (KTVE/KARD) — With gift buying in full swing, this time of year is important for businesses everywhere. However, with inflation rising, small businesses may be suffering. Local entrepreneur and owner of The Good Daze in Downtown Monroe, La., Hartley Waldrop, says that she has seen inflation affect the prices of the makers her store works with and buys from.

“Inflation has been a big thing that has affected small businesses. But for us, we’ve seen a little bit of effect, but we’ve seen it more so with our makers. The cost of things is significantly more, so our makers are having to raise their prices.”

Waldrop also says that her business has notice a change in the way people shop.

“Now we are seeing shoppers having to budget, because people have different priorities, and the cost of things is so much so they have to prioritize their spending.” She goes on to say that before they would see people buy multiple things at once, but now, they are seeing that less as people are planning out their spending.

Shopping is not the only way you can support small and local businesses. Hartley says sharing posts on social media and telling friends about the business helps tremendously.

“Just go out of your way to tell other people and to make a point to shop local and small instead of at big retailers.”