WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — As of Wednesday, May 18, 2022, the national baby formula shortage continued to impact families. To help combat the need for baby formula, we found some ways that you can find it in the Ark-La-Miss.

If you’re in need of baby formula, you can call the United Way of Northeast Louisiana‘s 211 hotline for help. The United States Department of Human Health and Services provided information to help families struggling during the baby formula shortage here.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) told NBC News that more supplies could hit shelves in the coming weeks because of loosened restrictions for formula imported from abroad. However, reports have started to come in of parents hospitalizing their babies because of the shortage.

Scammers are also starting to take advantage of parents panicking to buy formula. Scams have caused parents to pay for baby formula that they will never receive.

KTVE/KARD’s Bryce Oselen reached out to organizations like United Way of Northeast Louisiana, the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana and multiple women’s clinics looking for baby formula. The organizations told Bryce that they do not have any baby formula or samples that they could provide to parents. He also reached out to local hospitals and pediatricians. According to the facilities, the baby formula and samples they have are only for the babies under their care. The only way that parents will be able to receive baby formula is by buying it from a store or possibly receiving samples from their babies’ pediatrician.

James Price is the assistant manager at Calhoun and Ruston Grocery.

“It is really difficult when they do come in, they get one case at a time. We try to order multiple, but it’s one case even if our warehouse has it and if they don’t have it then we’re having to just reorder it for the next truck,” Price said. “But as of right now a lot of the warehouse doesn’t have any in stock and it is really hard to get it in.”

We plan to continue to our search for baby formula, but Your Weather Station wants to keep the conversation going. If you know of any places or organizations in the Ark-La-Miss that can provide baby formula to those in need, visit our Facebook page and leave a comment under the recent post about the nationwide shortage.