GRAMBLING, La. (KTVE/KARD) — STEM Grambling is informing Grambling’s youth on circuits and electricity. Students involved in the event say they received an electrifying experience. 
Casey McGee, “In order for us to create a cradle to career pipeline in communities that are underserved we find kids in the community and give them access to Stem.” 
On Saturday, May 28,2022, at the Fredrick C. Hobdy Assembly Center STEM Grambling welcomed students to learn about circuits and electricity. Communications Director of STEM Nola Casey McGee says students involved in the program are receiving hands on experience with electricity. 
Casey McGee, “They’re learning about things like parallel circuits, series circuits, and they’re creating things like brush bots, little vibrating toothbrushes with little butterflies on top, the K through second graders are creating flashlights that actually work.” 
Third grader Mario Lewis participated in the event and says he is shocked to have learned so much in one day. 
Mario Lewis, ”I learned how to electrocute somebody, I learned how to make a power surge, and i learned how to make static electricity. It’s pretty fun to see what electricity can do and how you can make it.” 
Grambling’s STEM program is hosting a similar event in the month of July.