GRAMBLING, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Grambling State University celebrated its inaugural class of distinguished 10 honorees. This celebration was part of their homecoming week activities.

Dr. Lamarr Shields, distinguished 10 honoree, explains what this honor means. “It’s amazing to be the 10 it’s like almost like having your top five hip hop artists and I’m a part of the top 10 and I’m honored and humbled because there’s so many of the great people that graduated from Grambling who I’m inspired by, and I’m a fan, so be a part of that top 10 class is amazing.”

Dr. Melva K. Wallace, expressed the importance of current students getting involved now and staying connected after they graduate. “It is a testament of what you can do when you continue to reach back. So, I would encourage students to continue to soak up every single nugget of what is happening at this institution because that is going to be the difference maker.”

Wallace was inspired to donate $250,000 to go towards preparing the students for after college. “I was so inspired by seeing the career fair being sold out. So, in a way to prepare students for the future, they need skills like team building time management, conflict, resolution, professionalism. those are the tools that’s going to set Grambling graduates, above any so this small amount will hopefully ensure that they have the training and the skills that they need to excel.”

  • Patricia Cage Bibbs, ‘72
  • Kyrus Branch, ‘03
  • Dr. Farrah Gafford Cambrice, ‘99
  • Dr. Evelyn Ford Crayton, ‘68
  • Laphilia Nicole Davis, ‘03
  • La Shanda Hurst, ‘95
  • Prince Hutchinson, ‘05
  • Dr. Joslin Mar-Dai Pickens, ‘00
  • Dr. Lamarr Shields, ‘94
  • Dr. Melva K. Wallace, ‘99