EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)– With Labor Day weekend less than one week away, many people are determining if gas prices will allow for a weekend of travel that they are used to.

While drivers may have some relief at the pump, the average cost is still over $3 per gallon in Arkansas.

“It’s impacting retirees, people with lots of children, I don’t know of a segment of our population who isn’t feeling some impact from the rise in gas prices,” explains Kathlen LaFleur.

According to AAA, the current average price you’ll find gas in the Natural State is $3.33 for Regular, $3.68 for Mid-Grade, $4.03 for Premium and $4.79 for diesel.

These average prices show a significant drop from the prices seen just a few months ago.

In June, the highest average price for regular unleaded gasoline was $4.54.

The main reason prices are going down is due to a decline in oil prices, but is it low enough for people to comfortably travel?

One resident decided to change her Labor Day travel plans because gas prices are still too high.

“I considered driving to Olive Branch Mississippi to visit my son but then I thought about it… that’s something it will take a tank of gas in this little car to go, but then I got to come back.”

“Round trip your still spending close to eighty-five to ninety dollars. I’ll just go another time,” said Union County resident, Carolyn Smith Williams.

Arkansans hope that gas prices will continue trending downward for the remainder of the year.