WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Prepare to keep the umbrella and raincoat nearby, most of this weekend is going to be a hit or miss regarding rain but, I wouldn’t want to get caught up in a shower without one.


High temperatures are going to be in the upper 80s, some areas that don’t see much rain might make a run for the low 90s. Speaking of rain, there is a 30% chance, but don’t let that number fool you. The timing and placement of these showers are difficult to place. Ample moisture in the atmosphere, thanks to the southerly flow, and daytime heating are what makes these showers possible. After the sun sets, you can expect any activity to decrease giving us a small break ahead of a very wet week. Lows are expected to dip down into the mid-70s.


Today starts the trend of possible rain every day for the next week. Sunday also has a greater chance of rain than yesterday, at 50%, so if you have any outdoor plans or need to mow the lawn, I’d do it in between showers on Saturday. The good news about all this rain: below average temperatures. High temperatures are going to be in the upper 80s, just not as hot as Saturday. Rain-cooled air should help some areas fall into the mid to low 70s.

Stay safe on roadways during periods of rain and stay dry, have a good weekend! – Alex