GRAMBLING, La (KTVE/KARD)– Four Grambling state students competed in the moguls in the making competition. The team members are Katrice McMullen, Alesia Jackson, Darielle Clark, and Brendan Nzoma. Moguls in the Making is a pitch competition, and members were able to speak about their experience competing in this event.

McMullen explained what Moguls in the Making is. Moguls in the Making is a yearly competition that happens with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund in partnership with Ally Financial, where they get the best and brightest moguls in the HBCU community to come out to the various locations and we have a weekend of innovating and creating.

The teams are given a topic and an industry on which they must focus in the competition. Grambling’s team was given the topic of economic mobility in the city of Charlotte, and their industry was banking and finance.

McMullen said they created an app for the competition. “Our idea was to create an app in collaboration with other banking and financial institutions that would allow youth to create an account with their parents so they could go online and play games that would eventually educate them on financial literacy.” And we will do everything from teaching them the value of money to doing taxes, and they will do that inside the app. And while they’re doing it inside the app, their parents can look at their activities and, as they are doing the activities and making, you know, good scores or even just going through it in general, the parents can give them money for everything that they do, and it will accumulate into a savings account. “

Jackson said that forming a chemistry before going to the competition helped them succeed. “After we did our presentation, they were like, ‘Did y’all know each other before? It is because our chemistry was so strong.”

Clark said she was able to have a confidence boost after competing. “I learned to never doubt myself. I’m someone who is kind of shy and reserved sometimes, so being in this competition gave me some more confidence.”

Nzoma has advice for Grambling students who are interested in applying for next year’s competition. “The program definitely helped people get comfortable as well as gave them enough information for them to succeed in the program, so I definitely think if you just have confidence in yourself, you can make it far.”