WEST MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)– The Ouachita Parish Fire Department said they work at least one firework-related fire on New Year’s each year. It’s important to make sure you are responsible while also having fun.

Dusty Harris with the Ouachita Parish Fire Department told us something to be aware of before shooting fireworks. “Anytime you are putting a projectile in the air that you can’t control—maybe it can be predicted, but you can’t control it 100%—there’s some risk with that.” The rain has probably reduced the likelihood of the fire spreading, but keep in mind that the north winds also help dry things out quickly. “The cold weather that we have experienced has killed the vegetation, and that leaves a high potential for fire.”

Harris also told us some tips to follow before shooting fireworks. “things that you need to keep in mind with his habit adult present. Another thing that when you’re bombing, long fireworks, be sure to buy fireworks that are from a reputable dealer, that has third-party testing done on the fireworks.”

Harris told us what people should do to dispose of fireworks properly. “The heat still inside that cake can still precipitate to a fire. So whenever you use a firework when you discard it, make sure that you soak it down with plenty of water. If you discard it, be sure to discard it away from your home.”