Family speaks out after racial attack at Monroe gas station

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MONROE, La. (06/05/2020) —

“N this, N that, I put N’s in the ground.”

“N***a B***h, I’ll put you in the ground.”

Ulonda Holman

It was racial slurs like that, which sparked the cell phone video where you find 17-year-old Major Holman trying to defend his mother after the man you see in the video said this.

“I just lost all rationality,” he said.

It all started as the Holman’s stopped to get gas. Major was then confronted by a white man spouting racial slurs.

“I done been profiled my whole life about the dreads in my head and not what’s in my head.”

Major Holman

Ulonda Holman, fighting back tears as she recalls the entire ordeal, “For somebody to see his skin color and hate him just for being black hurts.”

Major says he was ready to fight. However, Monroe’s Interim Police Chief Reggie Brown says it’s best for people to not take matters in their own hands.

“It is very hard to keep emotions, keep a lid on emotions, we understand that,” he said.

It was another white family, that stepped in to help and deescalate the situation, “It’s a young white man and his wife, he opened his door and he got out and said ma’am get in your car, leave, I see it if he touches you I’m going to lay him down,” said Ulonda.

In spite of that, emotions still run deep for Ulonda.

“A racist white man came at me and a humble white man was ready to die for me. I didn’t want my son to be the next cause, I’m sorry. I know that is the most selfish thing to say. I didn’t want to have the rest in peace, I didn’t want to have the apologies and letters and things sent to me.”

Ulonda Holman

Major hoping this serves as an example for others, “Even though I’m alive, I just hope it wakes people up.”

While police continue to investigate, “When hate is involved or race is involved. This is something that we take extremely seriously,” said Brown.

Ulonda believes things like this won’t stop until people of all races use their voices, “If you don’t tell the world that black lives do matter. Then it’s not going to get better, it’s going to get worse.”

“Momma told me he had a gun, I just burst into tears, because if it was me and my friends we would have all died.”

Major Holman

Due to a physical attack not occurring, the Monroe Police Department is not investigating this as a hate crime. However, they are looking to bring charges of disturbing the peace, threats, and simple assault. They are still investigating and we will provide updates as it becomes available.

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