EUDORA, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)–Badger’s Market opened its doors on June 25th after closing its original store, Sunflower Market, early 2021. Local residents were forced to shop for their groceries at the nearest store, about twenty to thirty miles away. Since then locals are happy to have a grocery store close to home.

Eudora resident Leroy Terry said, “For a long time, this street here was kind of dead but not anymore!”

An area resident, Catherine Rawlins, travels to Eudora for work. She explains, “I can come and I don’t have to go twenty-five to thirty miles to shop. When I get off work, I can just come here, shop, go home and cook!”

Eudora resident Travis White said the elderly community was affected the most.

“Prior, had to shop in Oak Grove or Lake Village. A lot of these old folks here do not have transportation and it’s very expensive for them,” said White.

Quanika Jackson, Eudora native and CEO of Badger’s Market, saw this as a “crisis decision” to bring a grocery store back to town. She purchased the store building from the original owners in 2021.

Jackson feels it’s important for her hometown to strive. Although she now lives in the Western part of the United States, she has already brought in numerous jobs and small businesses with plans to bring local healthcare to the city soon.

“The next healthcare facility is at least twenty five to thirty minutes away so I would love to bring great healthcare. I think it would turn things around for the city,” said Jackson.

One of Jackson’s effort in providing local healthcare is a pop-up Covid-19 vaccine clinic. She explains, “Covid-19 numbers are trickling up so we want to bring any aspect of great health to our city.”

The Covid-19 vaccine clinic is set for July 22nd from 9 AM until noon at Badger’s Market, located at 340 S Main St.

Badger’s Supermarket is open Monday through Friday from 6 AM until 10 PM and Sunday from 7 AM until 8 PM.