UNION COUNTY, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)–The ongoing battle with summer heat leaves residents looking for other ways to save. ArkLaMiss residents have seen triple-digit temperatures recently. As they crank up their A/C units more than usual, energy bills are increasing and residents are looking for other options.

Solar panels are rapidly growing in the United States and some residents are considering making a switch to a more renewable source of energy to get more bang for their buck.

Ten-year El Dorado resident, Cherry Govan said, “The fees just keep going up! I think it’s wonderful to go green. We are looking forward to getting our solar panels installed. I think that’s one of the best things to me is that it replaces.. it doesn’t add to your overall spending for your home monthly.”

Residents considering an investment in solar panels should first try methods to lower your bill right now. Union County Entergy branch is offering their customers a few tips to help save money on energy bills.

Entergy recommendations for lowering monthly energy bill:

  • Set thermostats anywhere from seventy-five to seventy-eight degrees when leaving your home.
  • Utilize ceiling fans, if available.
  • Utilize blinds and shades over windows to block out unnecessary heat.

In addition to a few things you can do within your home, there are also ways to keep a close check on your home or business’s energy consumption at any time.

Chris Wasson, Customer Service Manager at Union County Entergy branch, explains, “Having that information at your fingertips is very helpful.”

Click the link here to download Entergy’s Mobile App.

To schedule an at-home A/C audit from an Entergy representative, click here.

For anyone who may be in financial need to pay their bills, click the link here to check out a program Entergy provides for their customers in the Natural State.