WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Many residents here in the Arklamiss are experiencing a major increase in their electricity bills. Some residents claim their bills have doubled and even in some cases tripled in price.

Bills are skyrocketing for residential customers amid persistent, sweltering summer heat. Electricity usage has hit record levels as air conditioners have revved up, and natural gas prices, the state’s primary fuel for electricity generation have reached levels not seen in years.

Before these rates went up me and my wife were paying anywhere from $160 to $200 dollars a month, now its running around $360 dollars.

Kyle Nugent, Truck driver

Unfortunately Kyle’s situation is far to familiar for residents and business owners here in Northeast Louisiana, as electricity bills have sky rocketed while summer temperatures continue to rise.

I have had this store for two years and this time last year our bill was around $2,500 and all of a sudden it was in line until last month. I opened my bill and it was $4,600 dollars.

Jonathan Perry, Owner of Chauvin Bayou Market

The average residential electric rate for Louisiana was 12.5 cents per kilowatt hour in July up from 10.4 cents the same month a year ago according to the Public Service Commission. Entergy officials said electricity usage hit an all-time high in the early months of summer which caused peoples energy bills to increase significantly.

Normally in Louisiana August is the hottest month of the year where we see triple digit days. This year we started to experience triple digit days in early June.

Roderick Worthy, Customer Service Manager, Entergy

Nearly 79% of Entergy, Louisiana’s electricity generation comes from burning natural gas. One factor, maybe the most important factor contributing to the increase in energy bills is is the fuel adjustment charge, or power cost adjustment. It is a pass-through charge that utilities say covers rising fuel costs.

Residents can modify their usage by raising thermostat temperatures, unplugging appliances, closing the blinds, adjust ceiling fans, close doors, seal gaps, keep the lights off, open windows and doors in the morning and at night.