EL DORADO, Ark.(KTVE/KARD)–On Friday, July 22nd, a city-wide prayer gathering took place at the Union County Courthouse.

What triggers our children to gun violence? That’s a question many ask nationwide and the prayer gathering is the community’s effort to answer that very question.

Host and El Dorado native Croystal Battle said, “Our purpose of coming today was to gather, bring awareness and also bring a solution.”

Bondage Breaking Ministries, based in Texas, hosted the event in part of a two-day revival called Healing and Deliverance Crusade. They joined El Dorado residents and community leaders as the gathering took place.

Prayers were focused on bringing awareness to what triggers children to gun violence in the community.

Guest Speaker Demond Tolliver said, “I hope this will bring the community and law enforcement together to have more dialogue and have more conversations.”

The Healing and Deliverance Cruscicle continues tonight at St. James Baptist Church, located at 608 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Services begin at 7 PM.