BERNICE,LA(KTVE/KARD)–Recently a tornado struck the town of Bernice leaving several homes damaged and without power. Residents in the area say that they are grateful to still be alive.  

Tom Avery, Pisgah Resident, “It’s by the grace of God that a lot of people didn’t get injured or get hurt.”  

Residents say on April twelfth around 11 pm a wave of thunderstorms struck their community. The thunderstorm was later followed by a tornado that caused several damages to the area. Pisgah resident Tom Avery says the weather forced his home to vibrate.  

Tom Avery,” The house was shaking, water was coming from underneath the doors but luckily we didn’t have the damage that some folks around here did. ”  

Avery says that multiple homes received damage and that he and others are working around the clock to help repair their community.  

Tom Avery,” We as a community also work together and as soon as we saw that we needed to come out we started working early this morning, helping each other out just like these guys are here helping out on this lady’s house, we’re just thankful that we got through it like we did, and we just hope tonight isn’t any worst.”  

 At this time residents say that they are unaware of when they will receive power. We will keep you updated with tornado damages on air and online.