Being a young hunter in the Sportsman’s Paradise; Meet this 19-year-old hunter

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KTVE/KARD (11/02/21) — Hunting runs deep in the state of Louisiana, producing hunters at a very young age. For 19-year-old, Chasten Costello, it’s been with him for most of his life.

“My dad got me into it at an early age,” said Chasten Costello, 19 years old, bow hunter.

Here in the sportsman’s paradise, picking up a gun, or in this case, a bow and arrow to go hunting is something that is taught throughout generations. For 19-year-old, Chasten Costello, bow hunting white tail deer is his favorite, and the joy started when he was just a boy.

When I was 5 years old, I shot my first doe and it’s just grown from there. I get excited every year about it, ” said Costello.

“Dove season is another big one we like to hit because it is the first one that comes around and starts the season off.”

Chastin has come a long way from harvesting his first deer. Since then, he’s placed 2nd in the youth open division at the big buck contest at Simmons Sporting Goods. Now he is looking ahead and dreaming big, as hunting will always play a role in his life.

“My future plans are to go up north, kind of the northwest, and just hunt. The deer up there in the northwest is totally different from these Louisiana deer. I mean they see 148 in 8 points and they are like they were gonna pass on him, but we are taking him over here in Louisiana,” said Costello.

Wherever Chasten goes, he says he will always find the beauty in the hunt.

“It is definitely a peaceful feeling but it is exciting to get to know that you are out there in god’s creation and everything is just so natural. It is really cool to get to see the sunrise to the sundown to see everything move and the beauty of his creation,” said Chasten.

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