RAYVILLE, La– “What’s going on with it everybody we are actually at it again with another episode of beast of the week. Of course you know we are at Miro’s the exclusive sponsor for Beast of the Week. They have burgers, wings, quesadillas, anything you can name they have it. Enough talking food I know you all getting hungry right now. As you can see we have another Beast of the Week winner. It goes to Ms. Jasmine Reynolds from Rayville High School’s track team. She is actually the first female to sign a track scholarship at Rayville High School. So tell me Ms. Jasmine, kind of tell me how does it feel to make history down there at Rayville”?

“It feel good, I feel famous, but I feel like I made history of course I made history, but it just feels good because now a lot of people look up to me. A lot of people underneath like lower classmen and stuff. I’m glad I did it because I wasn’t going to do it at first:, said Jasmine Reynolds.

“I see you got some bling on look like it somebody that’s very special to you, there close to your heart. So kind of tell me about the person that you are wearing around your neck and how special they are to you.”

“This my dad, he real special he passed away 2 years ago due to cancer. He also ran track in his high school years and he went to state every year. He won state and he was real fast. Losing him just kind of made me go harder and made me want to do it even more”, said Reynolds.