RUSTON, La. (KTVE/KARD)- Some residents here in Ruston have recently complained that the Lincoln Parish Public Library has sexually explicit books in the children and teens sections. The discussion to ban books in libraries, which some argue is a targeted attack towards the LGBTQ+ community.

The senate education committee unanimously approved legislation forcing libraries to adopt policies limiting a minors’ ability to check out books deemed by their local library board to have “sexually explicit material” back in late April.

This is clearly a censorship issue and that’s where it’s headed if they, they bring certain culture warriors, if they can succeed in censoring and removing very wholesome educational books then what’s next? Are they starting to go down a path of censoring speech? I think so.

State Representative Mandie Landry

Under senate bill 7 parents or guardians would be able to select a library card for their child that keeps them from checking out “sexually explicit material.” Lawmakers believe it won’t just stop at books, but instead will use this as a step to attacking minorities like the LGBTQ+ community. Senate bill 7 will now head to the full senate for a vote.