BASTROP, La. (KTVE/KARD) –The city of Bastrop is set to receive four hundred thousand dollars to revitalize the city’s parks. Bastrop mayor Betty Alford Olive says revitalized parks will inspire the city’s youth to be more active. 
Betty Alford Olive, “Parks are an essential part of our neighborhood we have nine parks.” 
The Love Louisiana Outdoor program is giving the city of Bastrop four hundred thousand to improve the city’s parks. Mayor Olive says a clean and healthy environment will bring joy to the city. 
Betty Alford Olive, “It puts pride back into the community, it instills pride into our children that we care about them enough to rehab the parks in their neighborhoods.” 

The money will allow the city to place lights, picnic areas, and new playground equipment in the city’s parks. Mayor olive says she encourages the city’s youth to utilize the updated facilities. 
Betty Alford Olive, “Get moving use that energy, work off that energy, and get in shape, for when the fall comes, and you get ready to go back to school that you’ll be in shape.” 

Renovations to the city’s parks have yet to begin.