MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) –We are going through and breaking down what’s on the ballot in the midterm election coming up in November. Today, Pearson Cross, a political science professor at ULM, gave us insight on proposed amendment number three.

Cross first told us what proposed amendment three is. “Amendment number three would allow people who are civil service employees of the state, and it’s estimated there are about 51,000 of those to campaign for family members. So if you have a fairly close family member who’s running for office, then those civil service employees who up till now have been denied the right to help get their relatives elected would in fact be able to participate in some ways.”

Cross also broke down the pros and cons of this amendment. “The pros of it is that it seems inhuman to require people not to participate. Let’s say your husband or your wife is running for office, and you can’t even appear in a campaign commercial, you can attest to their good character. You can’t put out yard signs. The cons of it are that, frankly, we have these rules for a reason, and that is that we don’t want anything that’s going to corrupt the political process by trying to use government to get a relative elected.”

Lastly, Cross told us who this amendment would affect if it passed in the November elections. “It should be noted that amendment three will probably only affect a very, very small number of people. This is just in cases where one of their close family members is in fact running for office. So the effect of this is in fact pretty slight.”