MONROE,La(KTVE/KARD)–Triple A is expecting over 53 million Americans to travel for thanksgiving. Arklamiss residents are encouraging those traveling to use safety precautions.

As millions prepare drive to see their loved one’s law enforcement and citizens are encouraging those traveling to use safety precautions while driving.  Monroe resident Jaquarius Conway says he has family traveling from both California and Texas to Monroe for thanksgiving and that all drivers should respect themselves and other cars while on the road.

Jaquarius Conway,” Drive safe, and when you’re driving drive for you and the other people because it might not be you that’s the problem on the road, and wear your mask.”

Monroe resident Robert McBride says he normally drives 12 hours to visit his family , and that it’s important to keep your phone charged and your gas tank half full while on the road.

Robert McBride, “If you’re traveling late make sure you stay at least half a talk full of gas so you’re not stranded somewhere . Make sure your cellphones charged up so if you do have problems you can call either the police, triple A, family or whatever, and be rested before you travel.”

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