FORREST CITY, Ark. (WREG)– A janitor at an Arkansas elementary school is off the job after she was accused of exposing herself to several students.

Police say surveillance video shows Marquita Allen exposing her breast in the cafeteria at Stewart Elementary School in Forrest City.

Levi Williams said his 10-year-old daughter who attends the school told him about the incident, which reportedly stemmed from comments some students made about what the janitor was wearing and how it might be considered inappropriate for students to wear.

“She came home and told me that a janitor pulled out her breast and showed it to her and after she did that she approached her a second time and asked her ‘did she like what she saw,'” Williams recalled. “I think it traumatized her a lot because now she’s dealing with the aftermath, the school, the students.”

Williams recorded his daughter giving a statement to the school’s assistant principal. We promised we would not show her face as she described what happened.

“And somebody said, ‘she looking at you.’ And she said, ‘are you looking at my…looking at my…and she pulled it out and put it back in her shirt,'” she said.

The girl’s parents went to police and investigators went to the school to review the security camera video.

Police Chief Ronald Broussard said the audio portion of the video was hard to understand, but not the woman’s actions.

“The janitor is an adult, the child is a child and we looked at what we saw as evidentiary factors from the video and it was enough for us to move forward,” Broussard said.

He regrets the charge against her, which is indecent exposure, is not as serious as he believes it should be.

“It’s a misdemeanor. I mean it’s a misdemeanor but we charge with what we can charge with,” Broussard said.

Levi Williams said he feels the school did not take the incident seriously when he reported it but he’s glad police moved so quickly to investigate.

The woman is not in custody but Chief Broussard said a warrant is in their hands and she soon will be.