ARKANSAS. (KTVE/KARK) — Three federal investigations that were focused on the drug and firearm pipeline in Arkansas have resulted in 80 indictments and 45 arrests after coming to a head Wednesday morning, November 9, 2022. One of these arrests included rapper Bankroll Freddie, real name being Freddie Gladney III.

According to the indictment, Freddie Gladney III and 34 other individuals allegedly knowingly and intentionally distributed and possessed cocaine, crack-cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana.

80 individuals were were charged with various federal firearms and drug trafficking charges. Out of the three investigations, two of them were conducted and run by the FBI and were focused on rival gangs in the state.

One investigation resulted in 35 indictments from focusing on the Every Body Killas, or EBK gang. Another resulted in 26 indictments from focusing on the Loady Murder Mobb Gang.

The third investigation was led by the Drug Enforcement Administration and started in August 2021 after street-level methamphetamine and fentanyl dealers were identified in central Arkansas. This investigation led the DEA to find drugs that were mailed from California to Arkansas in shipments that included kilogram-quantities of methamphetamine and thousands of pressed fentanyl pills. 18 individuals were indicted as a result of this investigation.