RUSTON, La (KTVE/KARD) — Mrs. Spillers’ and Mrs. Hunt’s 1st grade classes at A.E. Phillips were awarded certificates for being hunger fighters because of their project pennies for purpose. where they donate pennies to buy items for the Little Free Pantry on Louisiana Tech’s campus.

Laura Spillers, a first-grade teacher at A.E. Phillips, explains how they came up with pennies for a purpose. “We said okay, let’s count pennies, and so one of the children asked, What are we going to do once we get to 100? I said, You know, that’s a really good question; I hadn’t even thought about that. Another student said, what about our Tech friends? I was like, man, that’s a great idea. We have a Little Free Pantry on campus; let’s donate to that. That’s how we arrived at pennies for purpose.”

Spillers explains that the students enjoy donating their pennies. “They are so excited to contribute their pennies; they bring them in daily, and I’m talking like Ziploc bags full of pennies; they think about it all the time; I don’t have to remind them.”

Rosalie Rathburn, a first-grade student, explained why she likes donating to the Little Free Pantry. “Because I want everyone to have food.”

Dax Pevy, a first-grade student, also explained why he enjoys donating. “Because we want the college students to be healthy.”

Both students expressed that they feel good when they help the college students at Louisiana Tech.