MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)– Halloween should be a night to have fun with friends and family and to take your kids trick or treating and let them have a good time. As long as you follow these safety tips for your family, Halloween should be mostly worry-free.

Glenn Springfield with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s office tells us how to stay safe this Halloween. “Be sure you’re watching how they cross the street. I mean, they’re excited, they’ve got their costumes on, they’re getting treats, so be sure adults are with them to make sure they’re safe. Keep them in a costume they can see out of so it doesn’t obscure their vision, and maybe even a glow stick or something like the motors can see. “

One thing parents should be aware of is candy, and make sure it’s safe. “There are a lot of carnivals. Now churches, carnivals, neighborhood parties and things like that that some people are doing in lieu of actually going trick or treating door to door may consider those. The biggest thing to ask you regardless of where you go is “I don’t.” I don’t care wherever you go. Check your children’s candy. When he gets home Make sure that it’s in the original manufacturer’s wrapper. It doesn’t appear to be careful; it’s not faded or torn. It looks just like it should. “

There are also resources for parents to check for registered sex offenders in the area. “Registered sex offenders in Louisiana are not supposed to participate in any form whatsoever. And trick or treating is a Halloween activity. We check on that night we have a roster open, we keep track of where they live, and so on, to ensure we have a roster available on our website or mobile app. And it’s even on our Facebook page, links to it and so forth, that you can go to and where you’re going, and it’ll give you the list of known sex offenders in that area.