Tips to keep you, your family and your home safe during the cold


(11/11/19) Faucet covers, pipe insulation and heaters have been flying off the shelves at Home & Ranch Hardware.

“We’ve been steady, rolling with them, getting them every week, trying to get as much as we can to prepare” says Garrett Danna with Home & Ranch.

Between fire to ice, here are some tips to keep you, your family and your home safe during the cold weather.

Homes with exposed piping or open crawlspaces will be the most susceptible to busted pipes. With official Winter not even here yet, there are easy ways of keeping your pipes intact through the season.

“Prepare early, you want to get it done and be done so you’re not rushing trying to get it after it’s already busted” says Danna.

The cold also poses an indirect threat in your home.

“The majority of the fires during the cold winter times are from space heaters” says Chief Bruce Browning with the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s office.

The Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office expects to see around 4 fires a night during the cold. Keeping heaters 3-5 feet from combustibles, plugging heaters directly into the wall and keeping an eye on the heaters can significantly reduce the chances of a fire. If you have an old one, it’s time to switch it out.

“We recommend you replace you space heater with a modern day space heater that has a tip over device where it tips over and shuts your heater off. Also the interior of the thermal couple, that if the heater gets overheated it shuts the heater off” says Browning.

In addition to not overfilling fire places and keeping kitchen appliances off.

“It’s not designed to do that. When it’s on high temperatures for a long period of time, that device with begin to break down and not work properly and cause a fire” says Browning.

This is also a good time to check on those smoke detectors. There are options for those who are seeking free space heaters and smoke detectors. Various community group across the ArkLaMiss can provide free heaters, with free smoke detectors found at

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