Tik Tok creators use original songs and art to make viral “Ratatouille” Musical


WEST MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) — We’ve been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for months now and maybe you’ve binged watched a TV show, or picked up a new hobby.
Well, a group of Tik Tok creators are using their creativity to help turn the 2007 Disney, Pixar film “Ratatouille” which stars a rat named Remy, into a musical.

A common theme throughout the movie “Ratatouille” is “Anyone can Cook”. With over 100 million views on #ratatouillemusical on Tik Tok, these creators are proving that not only can anyone cook, anyone can make a Tik Tok.

“The magic of the ratatouille movement is that anyone can be a part of it, just like anyone can cook,” said Daniel Mertzlufft, Composer/Arranger.

This story dates back to August and starts with Emily Jacobsen and a Tik Tok she posted.

“I just started singing this song about the main character, Remy,” said Emily Jacobsen, Tik Tok Creator/Songwriter.

“I sort of forgot about it after that…but fast forward 2 months later, I woke up one morning to these hundreds or notifications about the video and I just couldn’t understand what was going on,” said Jacobsen.

That’s when Jacobsen’s song fell into the hands of Daniel Mertzlufft.

“I decided to give it the big broadway treatment and it really goes down to that last line, we praise you oh ratatouille, may the world remember your name. That is the end of a musical.,” said Daniel Mertzlufft, Composer/Arranger.

From there, creators began producing extra content.

“People who’ve never written a song, or written a script, or thought of participating in theater a day in their lives, are now writing songs, writing scripts, creating costume designs for the first time ever,” said Josh Abram, Organizer of @RatatouilleMusical.

“If there’s gonna be a “Ratatouille” musical, there’s gotta be an anyone can cook song, there just has to be. It started out with just some piano chords, then dee dah dee dee dah, anyone can cook, all it takes is courage and it was just sort of natural,” said RJ Christian, Actor, Composer.

So, what happens now?

“Once I saw all the ideas come through, I said obviously this is meant for the stage, but like what is anyone doing about it. So that’s where I come in,” said Abram.

“This really for me started as a joke, so i never really had any plans or envisioned it going further haha,” said Jacobsen.

While Remy the Ratatouille won’t be making his Broadway debut anytime soon, Abram tells us he’s working with a team to create a concept album of the original songs that have gone viral and eventually hopes to produce a parody musical.

Disney has yet to comment on anything officially about the Tik Tok musical, though they have given social media recognition.

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