UPDATE: On Sunday November 7, deputies with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested Jeremy Scott on one count of Second Degree Murder in the shooting death of Rakeem Newell on Crescent Drive in April of 2021.

The arrest comes after an extensive investigation in which detectives noted that Newell’s wounds were found to be in his left bicep and upper right back area. Based on the location of these wounds, it was determined Newell was shot by the person sitting behind him in the car, which was Scott.

An excerpt from the affidavit for warrant reads:

“Detectives tried multiple positions to see how one would shoot while hanging from a moving vehicle to best stabilize themselves. The only plausible method found was to place one’s left elbow on top of the roof over the front passenger side of the vehicle which causes the elbow to bend. It also required the body to be twisted so that the chest of the person would be parallel to the frame of the door. This position would indicate that the shots that struck Newell could have only come from behind him. Per video and witness statements, Scott is shown to be sitting behind Newell up until the Toyota is seen leaving the scene and returning several minutes later. There is no indication at this time that anyone inside the vehicle changed seats before returning to the scene. The bullet strike on top of the car is near the same area one would place their elbow to support themselves.”

Ouachita Parish 4th Judicial District Court

MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD)- The Monroe Police Department has arrested a third man connected to last month’s shooting that took place on Crescent Drive, which led to the death of Rakeem Newell.

According to arrest reports, 20-year old Jeremy Lashon Scott has been arrested for failure to seek assistance.

An arrest report says the victim was found dead in a car on St. Johns Street.

A witness says they saw Scott with a few other men drop off that car with the victim’s body still inside. They allegedly drove the car from Crescent Drive to St. Johns Street after the shooting occurred.