GRAMBLING, La. (KTVE/KARD) — It’s the day where hundreds of students get to see all of their hard work has paid off. Especially for a mother-daughter duo who had the chance to share a proud moment together

“I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster, and I’m still peddling, “said the mother, Suzzon Jiles. “I’m so excited and I’m happy it’s done and over, but I’m also glad that I’m a college graduate.”

“Most importantly, I was just excited to be done. I’m happy I have done this journey with my mom,” said the daughter, Trinity Humphrey. 

 21-year-old Trinity Humphrey has successfully completed  a bachelor’s degree in biology pre-med. But she says her dreams of becoming a dentist won’t stop there.

“Well, I’m gonna study for my DAT test for dentistry. After that, take my test, get on the road, and be on the way,” said Humphey. 

And for 48-year-old Suzzon Jiles – who graduated high school at 29, she has never stopped pursuing her dreams. She says earning a diploma in early childhood education is just the beginning of her new journey.  

“The next step right after this is to celebrate with my daughter. But I’m going to try to open my daycare center, and I’m looking forward to educating other mothers like me,” said Jiles.  

And while this mother -daughter duo were fortunate to share a unique experience, they say they won’t forget about their Alma Mater.

“But I’m coming back. I love Grambling State University, a place where somebody is everybody,” said Jiles.

“I’m gonna be back all the time. I love Grambling. I can’t stay away,” said Humphrey.