These local butcher shops are facing a turkey shortage due to the over size weight of the birds


MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The highly anticipated Thanksgiving meal this year may give a hard time to a few shops in the area. Shop owner of Massey’s Meat Market says he’s been experiencing this issue due to the size of the turkey. 

“That’s the reason I didn’t get any.” Says James Massey. 

“I use 10lb to 12lb, and they are not out there to be found. They are 14, 16 to 24 pounds and that’s way too big for me.” Says Massey. 

Massey says bigger turkeys such as 18 to 24 pounds are usually hard to sell. 

“ A big turkey, you have to have a place to cook it. A lot of these lady’s ovens aren’t big enough to cook a turkey that size.” He says. 

Massey says it is unfortunate that the pandemic slowed down a lot of the inventory and supplies causing prices to go up.

“The supplies will slowly increase and the prices will, like I said, they’re already started to come down a little bit. “ Says Massey.  

These other two local butcher shop owners, such as Robinson Meat Market in Rayville, and PoBoy Farm Meats in Winnsboro, say they’re also experiencing a shortage of turkey. They say they may try to order supplies, if called ahead of time, but it is not guaranteed. 

A local resident, Earl Barber, says at the end of the day, Thanksgiving is really about gathering with your family. 

“There is no problem if there is a shortage of turkey. Turkey doesn’t have to make thanksgiving. get together with your family, that’s all it matters.” Says Barber. 

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