WISNER, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The town of Wisner was awarded with $276,000 in federal grants for two road improvements across the town.

A Plantation Oak Nursing & Rehabilitation Center employee, Marilyn Tolliver, said this upgrade is very much needed near the nursing home.

“We have a lot of visitors that come and see their relatives and staff, you know, so that would be a great idea.”

The funding was awarded to the town through the Delta Regional Authority Grant. Wisner mayor Marc McCarthy said these funds will be used for repaving and improving Watson Street and Maple Street.

“With the DRA money, it’s going to be completely ground up to the base of the road, the asphalt. I don’t know what the weight limit is going to be, but it’s going to be recovered. This is going to be a nicer street.”

Residents say these improvements will help with pedestrian traffic and safety.

“It’s a nice quiet neighborhood, so it’s very much appreciated and needed. Especially with potholes and everything,” a local, Amayla Brown, said.

“The town wants the residents to improve their yards and the trash. I think they should do the same with the roads,” explained another local, Samuel McDaniel.

“The holes are damaging the vehicles, and it just needs a lot of work,” added a resident, Janice Dumbar.

Tolliver says improving these major roads helps avoid car damage, especially for those out of town.

“You know, they are not familiar with these streets, so when they came in, there was like a big hole, and the car probably hit the bump, and everything and messed up their cars.”

McCarthy says the town is applying for additional funds to rehabilitate Wisner Street. He says Wisner residents can expect more improvements soon.

“We have several things in Wisner that I think 2023 will see some big improvements.”

The project is expected to begin this Fall.