MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD)– The Roe City Roller Derby (RCR) was founded in 2011 in Monroe, Louisiana. The RCR are a non-profit organization composed of skaters, officials, coaches and volunteers. In December of 2018, Roe City Roller Derby was accepted into the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

RCR is made up of more than twenty active skaters dedicated to the port of roller derby. Roller Derby is a unique sport in that both offense and defense are played at the same time. Two teams of 14 players compete in plays called “Jams” that can last up to two minutes. The Jam is a race where Jammers can score points by passing opposing players. Teams each field 5 players on the track during each Jam- 4 Blockers and one Jammer, who is the point scorer for the team. Both teams are able to earn points during the Jam. 

There are three official positions which are the Jammers, Pivots, and Blockers. The Jammers wear stars on their helmet and score the points for their team by passing blockers as they speed around the track and lap the pack. Both Jammers can score simultaneously, earning points for each opposing blocker they lap. The Pivot is a Blocker who wears a striped helmet cover. The Jammer can “pass the star” helmet cover to the Pivot who then becomes the active Jammer and takes over scoring points for the team in the Jam. While Blockers play both defense and offense a the same time. The Blockers try to stop the opposing Jammer from getting through the pack of Blockers and scoring points while also learning the way for their Jammer to get through the Pack. The Pack is the largest group of skaters containing members of both teams skating in proximity ten feet of each skater. Skaters can only block when they are within the ‘engagement zone which is twenty feet in front of and behind the pack.