MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)-The University of Louisiana System has started their R.F.  Lewis scholar program which will pay tuition for black males in the state of Louisiana. One recipient of the program says he’s grateful to be a part of it.

Earnest Wyatt R.F. Lewis scholar “You get to be more, and you get to do more.”

Earnest Wyatt is a R.F. Lewis scholar. The R.F. Lewis scholarship program is a program targeted towards collegiate black males in Louisiana. Those involved in the program will receive study abroad opportunities, mentorships, and their tuition will be paid for. Earnest says he and those involved will benefit tremendously from the program.

Earnest Wyatt R.F. Lewis scholar “It will change lives, and it will change a lot about your mindset”

This year the program selected 2 scholars from each Louisiana university to be apart. University of Louisiana System President Jim Henderson says he hopes the program will enhance their college experience.

Jim Henderson University of Louisiana System President, “This is a way for us to elevate the experience for some promising young students that will expose them to mentorships, internships, and give them some international travel exposure so that we’re creating culturally competent leaders for the next generation”

The program looks to serve more scholars in the future